Our Services

Design + Architecture


Our design approach is one of elegant minimalism. We strive to create architecturally cohesive designs that derive their interest from imaginative utilization of space rather than relying on door decoration. Naturally we incorporate the unique design elements that Snaidero’s gifted designers provide for each individual cabinet style. At the same time, we address the very individual ways our clients’ kitchens will function, and help them realize a highly personalized living environment.



We work very closely with the contractor to insure a trouble-free installation. We provide technical assistance, necessary drawings, and frequent site visits while the project is underway. We closely supervise cabinet installation and can provide installation services for select projects.



We assist our clients with related choices for appliances, fixtures, lighting, surfaces and finishes. When appropriate we will recommend adding the expertise of design professionals in related fields. We are happy to collaborate with architects and interior designers on their projects